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Go Math is the math resource book for Hillsborough County.  The website that goes along with Go Math is called Think Central.  You can go there and log in with the same user name you use for AR:  User name is their student # and password is their birth month and birth year written as one number. (Example, my birth month is January and my year is 1967 so my password would be:  011967.  Go to resources and you can find tools and videos to watch.  This will allow them to get extra practice on the work that we are doing in class.  Here are the instructions on accessing two great websites (Destination Math and Mega Math).

           Click on this link:
           Click on the yellow math icon on the left.
           Then click on GoMath! Florida.
           Then press OK.
           Log in by choosing the state (Florida), the county (Hillsborough Co Pub Sch Dist), the school (Bryant Elementary).  They put in their user name (student number) and password, which is two digit birth month along with the year they were born. So if a student was born in January of 2004 their password would be:  012004.
           Click on Login and click yes.
           Go to My Library.
           Then click on Student Edition Florida, G3.  This is the student book that we use in class.
           Click yes.
           They can then enter in the page number that we are working on in the bottom right corner and press enter.  
           This will take your child to the page in our book.  They then click on the icons at the top to the right of the quesion mark icon.  Either Destination Math or MegaMath will work.  They have not set up the system entirely, but your child can go to one or the other.  This then will take them to the program and in Destination Math they choose the practice, tutorial or whatever and click on that to take them there.

You may also have your child access other math areas that we have yet to work on in our books.  This will help them to be even more prepared in class.  If they forget their homework, they can access their homework book here.  After clicking Go to My Library, they can then click on Benchmark Practice Florida (SE), G3.  Then click yes.  They enter the page number in the top right corner starting with a P and then the page number (ex. P127).  Then hit enter.  With the books, you must print out the page.  You cannot do the work on your computer. There is also an enrichment book (which gives harder problems) and a reteach book for extra practice as well.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.



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